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RBPD… Rich Bitch Poor Dog, is a pluralistic brand whit an artistic point of view. Motion, emotion, freedom of expression and imagination. More than fashion…apparel and attitude!


We are a Streetwear athleisure brand with a twist. An extension to fashion. It isn’t just the way you dress. It’s a way of life. It’s a culture. Everyday life in the city, out at sea, in the mountains, wherever you dare to explore. We love people who dare and treat every day as an ongoing adventure.

Dare to be Different. Be afraid and do it anyway!

go with your flow

The Designs

We get out inspiration from life and design for life. Our collections are conceptual and our patterns unique. We create our world of colors and prints exclusively for you. The basics of the brand’s unique creative advantage is that we design digital works of art that are printed on fabric.

This way we create 3-dimensional art for our everyday life!



We love creating unique designs both for our retail and wholesale customers. From one unique personality to one unique collection. We design, create and deliver. From a logo design to a digital artwork… there are no boundaries.

Want us to design for you?