A Brand for People who Dare to be different

We get out inspiration from life and design for life. Our collections are conseptual and our patterns unique. We create our world of colors and prints exclusively for you.


Our Products

We conceive, design and manufacture are products in Greece, in high quality materials and technics! Your needs and our imagination combined is our drive. We design unique patterns and prints. We also customize our products just for you. That makes our products destinctive and your outfits personalized. Our goal is to create wearable comfy art. To turn your daily outfits to a form of expression and fun!

Streetwear, Surfwear and Urban Life.


A Way of Life

RBPD…that is Rich Bitch Poor Dog, is a pluralistic brand whit an artistic point of view. Motion, emotion, freedom of axxpression and imagination. More than fashion…apparel and attitude!
RBPD is basically a streetwear athleisure brand with an attitude. It’s an extension to fashion. It isn’t just the way you dress. It’s a way of life. It’s a culture. We love people who dare and treat every day as an ongoing adventure.

B2B & B2C

The RBPD Experience

We provide both retail and wholesale services, B2B & B2C. You can choose from our conceptual collections or we can design one just for you!

B2C: In our shop we provide products that are not massively produced. We launch mostly limited edition collections and unique statement items.

B2B: In our stockists you can find both unique collections and pieces from our basic collections.